Mayor Victorino is no friend to the environment…

Despite a reasonable fear of retribution as other County employees have faced for whistleblowing on environmental issues, Ashley Hooks, a Water Treatment Operator with the County of Maui, informed the State Dept of Health’s Safe Drinking Water Branch of a chemical spill that impacted Makawao residents, which in violation of law the County had not previously made public.

When the State issued a violation to the county for their negligence, Hooks was promptly fired.

It is common for the Victorino Administration to deny employees of their rights and protection from retribution for blowing the whistle on criminal acts and negligence perpetrated by Department Directors, their Deputies, and Corporation Counsel.

STAY TUNED: Similar, unrelated cases of employees being denied their due process by the Victorino Administration are making their way to the Courts too.

DOC1-HOOKS 21.02.05 Complaint

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