MAUI CAUSES’ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/ JOHN GRAY – Overexposure to antibiotics, including Glyphosate in RoundUp, leads to chronic infections and/or autoimmune diseases. John supports Maui’s SHAKA Movement.

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00:00:00 John reversed his own Parkinson’s Disease.
00:01:20 Over the last 35 year mental illnesses have increased 35 times.
00:02:00 John sees people not being able to sustain relationships.
00:02:45 Same cause for all this; Oxidative Stress in the brain.
00:03:30 Overexposure to antibiotics, including Glyphosate in RoundUp kills the gut bacteria that fuels our immune system and healthy brain function.
00:04:00 Glyphosate used with GMO crops kills beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are not enough.
00:05:00 Liver cannot create Glutathione, whole system suffers.
00:05:30 Food “allergies” like gluten intolerance are really compromised digestion problems resulting from exposure to Gyphosate (RoundUp)
00:07:00 Not all GMO’s are may be bad, but Glyphiosate kills beneficial bacteria in your gut.
00:07:30 Other heavy metals in environment make it worse.
00:08:00 You gut, filled with non-human bacteria, is your second brain, controls entire health.
00:08:30 Probiotic bacteria can heal cancer. Dr. Yamamoto discovered GcMAF
00:09:00 GcMAF probiotic in yogurt binds with Vitamin D and can reverse certain cancers, heal autism in 25% of children, cure chronic fatigue syndrome.
00:10:00 Restored immune system can reverse many chronic infections.
00:10:30 Glyphosate compromises immune system and is crime against nature.
00:12:00 Women, especially in menopause, are effected by bacteria kill off.
00:13:00 Promotion of antibiotics is Mad Science.
00:14:00 Killing GcMAF stops Vitamin D absorption, leading to chronic infections and stress. Adrenal Gland dysfunction stops estrogen and progesterone production, throwing women into early menopause. The new normal.
00:15:00 Indigenous culture not exposed to Glyphiosate do not have same problem.
00:15:30 Men suffer too
00:16:00 Never ending problem till we stop overexposure to antibiotics. Only getting worse.
00:16:30 Super bugs and Super weeds
00:17:00 Maui’s SHAKA Movement created awareness of this problem.
00:17:30 Hawaii is leading the way for the rest of the world to wake up
00:18:00 Potential loss of Home Rule
00:18:30 We must come back to growing our own food. Food is our medicine.
00:19:00 Monsanto’s products are the wrong direction
00:19:30 Maui resident’s exposure to Glyphosate higher than anywhere because of GMO testing, and sugar cane.
01:21:00 California has highest rate of Autism in the world, cancer too. All from Glyphosate.
01:22:00 Ocean life around Maui exposed too, from runoff and fugitive dust.
00:23:00 Awareness on Maui created by the SHAKA Movement led to moratorium, now tied up in the courts. Contributions needed for legal defense.
00:24:30 It’s a courageous thing going on in Maui, Please support this movement with a contribution.


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