Like a Zombie Rising, Alice Lee’s Authoritarian New Rules are Back

As predicted, like a zombie rising, Alice Lee has resurrected her Dark-Government new rules, bringing them to the GREAT Committee this Friday.

Alice Lee’s proposed new, authoritarian, anti-open government rules eliminate early public input on any resolution she chooses, fast-tracking around committee hearings and public testimony.

Chair Lee wants the power to skip committee and public input, which currently requires a Super-Majority, 6-to-3 Council vote taken AFTER a 1st round of public input.

Alice would eliminate at will at least three rounds of public testimony and four weeks advance notice, giving us only six days before 1st read, regardless of how controversial the legislation may be.

This minimizes community awareness and drastically limits organizing public testimony, which Council rules in the past have specifically protected.

CM U’U Hodgins’ proposed rule changes impose unwarranted restrictions on calling a Community Resource Person, effectively blocking Cultural Practitioners from participating. Why?

This past week the State Office of Information Practices directed Council Chair Lee to stop violating Sunshine laws that require final Council Minutes to be posted within 40 days. Since last June, Chair Lee has posted nothing but unapproved draft minutes, which violates Sunshine and appears to be a further attempt by Chair Lee to limit public participation.

How many other ways can Chair Lee find to exclude the public from the public’s business?

The GREAT Committee hears these Dark-Government Resolutions 23-30 and 23-31 on Friday, Feb 25th, 9 AM Please testify against them.

So far, the new Council Majority has consistently voted against overwhelming public testimony, and they could very well shamefully award Alice Lee the power she wants to skip committee and public input on any new bill she chooses.

A sad day for Democracy on Maui.

MEETING SITE: Online via BlueJeans:

Phone testimony: 1-408-915-6290, code 513 107 325 In-person testimony and viewing: Council Chamber, Kalana O Maui Building, 8th Floor, 200 South High Street, Wailuku, Hawaii

Email testimony to:

Sam Small, Director, Maui Causes
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