Alice Lee’s Power Grab to Limit Public Testimony.  Testify to Amend Reso 23-5 Monday Jan 2nd 2PM

There are several substantive changes in Alice Lee’s new Rules which significantly reduce the Public’s opportunity to Testify for the next two years.

Our old rules required a 2/3 Council Vote to Fast-Track any new law, otherwise, all new laws MUST have Committee Hearings with Public Testimony and a report made to the Council.

In her new rules, Alice gives herself the power to fast-track any legislation she wants, bypassing Committee Hearings and Public Testimony.

This is one of the darkest and most anti-open government practices possible.

Alice Lee wants to restrict your opportunity to provide Public Testimony on any Council issue she chooses. 

Please testify and demand the new rules carry over the old language from 7G. Referral to committees; “In the case of bills or resolutions having the force and effect of law… the Council shall refer the matter to a standing committee and shall receive the committee’s report prior to first reading or adoption; provided that the Council may waive this requirement by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the entire membership of the Council.”

Demand the Council amends the new, overreaching language that Alice proposed for Rule 10A. New bills or resolutions. “The Council Chair may either refer new bills or resolutions to the standing committee with jurisdiction or post them on a Council meeting agenda for referral or other action.”  

We also encourage you to testify against Reso 23-12, the Appointment of Moana Lutey as County Clerk and Reso 23-13 Rechelle Tompson as Deputy County Clerk.

There is no justification for the pay boost that Alice Lee proposed for these two lawyers who Mayor Bissen saw fit to remove from Corporation Counsel, for damn good reasons!

The County Clerk’s office already has full access to lawyers from Council Services and Corporation Counsel. Neither position requires a law degree and there is no reason other than political patronage to hire these two.

Remember Moana Lutey lied to the Council repeatedly about an investigation into bribery accusations within the Planning Dept over Greg Brown’s abusive Naplii Hotel. The investigation she claimed happened NEVER TOOK PLACE!

Maui Cause has a petition with nearly 500 signatures demanding that Moana Lutey be investigated by the FBI for corruption.  Add your name here

Thanks for caring and taking action!

Organizational Meeting of January 2, 2023 2:00 PM
Testify Online via BlueJeans link
Or by email to:

In-Person Testimony and Viewing:
Council Chamber, Kalana O Maui Building, 8th Floor,
200 South High Street, Wailuku, Hawai’i

Courtesy Live Broadcast: Akaku – Maui Community Media, Channel 53  website:

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