Greg Brown now renting his Napili “Hotel” for up to $20,000 per night

Email your demand for the County to rescind Greg Brown’s SMA Permit Exemption because he’s now doing short-term rentals with no permit:

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Planning Director McLean to Brown Development 3/12/2021:
“It is important to note that the Department did not evaluate proposed hotel or vacation rental use or a hotel structure during the SMA or building permit review process.

We also note that there has been no application for a special permit, … for a use such as the short term rental of a single-family home.

If the structure is used for any purpose other than a single-family home, the basis for the Department’s SMA exemption would be invalidated and, therefore, the SMA exemption would be rescinded.”

Former Planning Director McLean, in need of a job, because the Bissen Administration rejected her, was hired in January as an Executive Assistant by Council Chair ALICE LEE.

Lee responded to McLean’s testimony to the GREAT Committee on 6/29/2021 that the County will never issue a permit for Brown to do Short Term Rentals:

LEE: “I don’t blame you for choosing not to allow vacation rentals because that would mean less traffic in the neighborhood, and it
would be…if this is truly a second home, then the usage would be, you know, fairly minimal. …I totally agree that vacation rentals are out of the question.”

What will Chair Lee and Mayor Bissen do now that Brown is renting his “Hotel” at $20,000 a night for 24 guests?

Brown and his lawyers certainly think he’s within his rights to rent this way. Did McLean knowingly mislead us all about never issuing Brown an STR permit because by zoning he doesn’t need a permit to rent?

There are only eight parking spots on-site. Why do Brown’s paying guests get to park and overcrowd a public street?

Is insufficient parking why Brown changed the labels on four Master Bedroom Suites to “Media Rooms” and “Dens” yet put double and kingsize pull-out couches to sleep eight more guests?

Also, Brown continues to do illegal construction along Hui Rd H, which is public land that the County controls, with no SMA permit or approved plans.

A worker on site tells us that last week Brown “cut a deal” with an inspector over his illegal construction. What deal was that? Why does Brown get such special treatment when other citizens need to get an SMA permit to move an existing mailbox?

Mayor Bissen must know that the community will sue over the lack of enforcement here and that the community has won every similar suit that has been brought where Directors and/or their subordinates overstepped their authority to benefit private developers; Montana Beach, Palama Drive, Kahoma Village… The list keeps growing, at the Public’s expense.

Why is Mayor Bissen allowing this to go on knowing it will end badly for the County in court?

Get ready to mobilize so that Brown’s guests get an earful as part of their $20,000 rental fee when we take to the streets to protest.


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