WE ARE ALL ONE = Be Kind, Stay Home

Going out in public for entertainment and any non-essential purpose is extraordinarily selfish.

All of us need to stop doing it for at least the next three weeks.

If you consider yourself part of the “enlightened” Maui family, then figure out how to entertain yourself without going out into public spaces – especially where tourists congregate.

Figure it out friends, Our Governor and Mayor are failing us by cow-towing to the Tourist Industry and they are NOT protecting us by blocking the influx of tourists.

Tourists who ARE infected ARE coming here STILL and it is ALL of our responsibility to do EVERYTHING we can to stay away from them.

Every time you go out in public for ANY non-essential purpose you are putting everyone else on Maui at risk. That is simply unacceptable in a conscious community, be it Hippie, Hawaiian or Haole.

The ease at which this virus spreads is like nothing you have ever lived with before.

On the positive side, it proves that we are truely “All One”.
One family. And with that comes a personal responsibility that many of Maui’s “Free Spirits” are not really used to.

We do have a direct impact on one another and we are indeed responsible for one another’s well being. It is time to really start living that ethic rather than just giving it lip service.

Many of our parents lived through World War II and willingly participated in an extraordinary effort that crossed all economic and social boundaries to DO THE RIGHT THING.


Be Kind, Stay Home – PLEASE

Tune into Akaku CH54 for community updates https://www.akaku.org/channel-54
Akaku is ramping up its local programming to serve the community during this crisis, so look for more info coming soon.

Also, there are models popping up as to how we can stage virtual events.
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