Maui Causes’ Exclusive Interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior MIT Research Scientist

Maui Causes’ Exclusive Interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior MIT Research Scientist – Glyphosate a disaster. Support the SHAKA Movement.

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Scholarly papers on the effects of Glyphosate:

00:00:00 Moratorium passed. A great moment
00:01:24 Disaster looming from Glyphosate. Imperative that it be removed from environment ASAP.
00:01:46 Autism easily explained by known effects of Glyphosate
00:03:00 Aluminum exacerbates.
00:03:51 Glyphosate disrupts gut bacteria – inflammatory gut. Glutamate and Mercury too.
00:04:37 Autism from vaccines only part. Glyphosate makes worse.
00:05:15 Difficult to study. Maui is perfect.
00:06:25 ADHD epidemic correlates to Glyphosate too.
00:07:00 Crop development on Maui extreme exposure to Glyphosate
00:08:00 Glyphosate is an Antibiotic. Very Dangerous. Low dose develops resistant; MERSA, Staff… looming toward catastrophe.
00:09:45 Lacto bacillus important for children. Soy a catastrophe.
00:11:00 Inflammatory Bowel, Acid Reflux, Crones, Gluten intolerance
00:12:00 CDC ignoring. Over active immune = autoimmune disease.
00:13:00 Either repeated infections or be hyper active = Lupis or MS.
00:14:00 Unwilling to admit problem. Future generations will not understand why. Evidence there. Almost point of no return.
00:15:00 Opposition to admitting problem so great, Gov’t & media running scared.
00:15:00 Censorship, inability to publish in mainstream journals.
00:18:00 Maui’s moratorium calling for Studies is priceless.. I’d love to be a part of the research. I know what to look for.
00:19:00 Get enough data to do class action Like Tobacco.
00:20:50 I will donate to Shaka Movement, you should do the same.
00:21:00 Exposure to Glyphosate on Maui higher than elsewhere. So dangerous. Plant research means more exposure than regular farming.
00:22:20 The industry does not want you to know. Absolutely certain, not safe.
00:22:40 Studies are designed to fail to find problems. 3 Month studies inadequate, symptoms show after studies end.
00:23:00 Only study Glyphosate in isolation. But they combine with others, secret patent protected. Combinations much worse.
00:26:00 GMO and Toxicity issues are separate but tied. Super weeds should have been anticipated to require more chemicals. Supposed to reduce but RR crops responsible for increase in Glyphosate.
00:26:42 Now require stronger combinations. Duo, 2-4D from Agent Orange, Dicamba. Chemicals are synergistically toxic, never been studied in combination. Unknown consequences, tremendous illnesses. Experimenting at the population level, foolhardy.
00:27:30 A war we can’t win. Go back to organic. Or we will be so sick we cannot be effective as a nation anymore.
00:28:10 The most important is eat organic. No soy, canola, corn, sugar beets.
00:28:40 Treatments to get Glyphosate out. Cows treated with Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Bentonite Clay reducing the load of Glyphosate in their urine. Humans too.
00:29:45 Sulfur crucial. Eat foods high in Sulfur. Soak in Epson’s Salt, Supplements like: Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine Sulfate, Lipoic Acid…Coffee enemas remove toxic elements
00:30:13 Glyphosate builds up Aluminum, Barium, Arsenic. And a deficiency of Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt. No supplements if exposed to Glyphosate, can’t absorb, end up with toxicity AND deficiency.
00:31:15 For Autism, Vaccines are synergistic w/ Glyphosate. Glutamate, Aluminum & Mercury injected past body’s natural barriers.
00:32:00 Glyophosate disrupts ability to rid Glutamate. Glutamate is high in Autistic children. And Glutamine is low because Glyphosate disrupts Manganese, needed to convert Glutamate to Glutamine.
00:33:00 Glyphosate also causes leaks in the brain barrier, which allows Glutamate, a neurotoxin, to get into the brain.
00:34:00 Vaccines are much more toxic now, reason is Glyphosate.
00:34:44 If I can’t control Glyphosate exposure would opt out of vaccines with Mercury, Aluminum or Glutamate. Use Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Bentonite Clay before the vaccine. And organic foods.
00:35:20 Glyphosate is hard to avoid. Like DDT- ban it!
00:36:00 Glyphosate binds with minerals, and need soil microbes to break it down. It’s most certainly in the smoke from the sugar cane burns. Studies of Kidney disease related to Glyphosate from Sri Lanca. Nitrogen may be involved too. Glyphosate causes an over production of nitrous oxide, harmful in the body and in the environment as a greenhouse gas.
00:39:00 In Maui’s island environment, Coral may be affected by Glyphosate, from manganese deficiency. Starfish have a new disease, which may be related too.
00:40:31 I’m against chemical agriculture, Phosphate and Nitrogen fertilizers instead of organics. Sulfur expensive as fertilizer so it’s ignored, causes Sulfur deficiency. Glyphosate makes even worse.
00:42:00 Mineral content of our soil has gone way down in recent years. Foods don’t taste as good because of Sulfur deficiency.
00:43:00 Processed foods are toxic, eat whole foods instead.

Maui Causes' Exclusive Interview with Dr Stephanire Seneff, Senior MIT Research Scientist - Glyphosate a disaster. Support the SHAKA Movement on Maui
Maui Causes’ Exclusive Interview with Dr Stephanire Seneff, Senior MIT Research Scientist – Glyphosate a disaster. Support the SHAKA Movement on Maui

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