Maui Causes #69 Adrian Raff Corvin – Together For Maui

Tell Alexander & Baldwin: Maui’s future should be in the hands of Maui’s residents.

Maui’s future should be in the hands of Maui’s residents to ensure small farms thrive, local families can afford decent housing, and our wahi pana are well protected.

That’s why we are petitioning land owner Alexander & Baldwin to make at least 15% of their Central Maui land (about 5000 acres) available for Maui to plan its own future.

Help us make a strong case to A&B and its shareholders that this is the way to invest back into Maui’s community.

We’re asking all concerned residents of Maui and allies across the islands to sign this petition, which will be delivered in person to A&B’s Corporate Board at their Annual Shareholder meeting in Honolulu on April 24, 2018.

Click the link to read and sign the petition.

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