Maui Real News Show #7 Maui County Injection Wells Recap

Welcome to Maui real news I’m your host bradah Chris.
Back during 2019, we at Maui Real News did our part to expose how Mayor Victorino’s Administration and his Chief Corporation Counsel Moana Lutey had teamed up with the Trump Administration to gut the Clean Water Act.  The Maui County Council tried to stop him by voting to settle the case. But the Mayor pressed on, disregarding and ignoring the decision and vote by the Council approving a Settlement.  The legality of what the mayor did is still under review in a complaint filed with the Office of the Disciplinary Council.
Thankfully, Mayor Victorino lost at the Supreme Court, but, if the Mayor had won, Maui would have been responsible for compromising and potentially polluting waterways and water basins throughout the United States, as well as continuing to harm our Coastal Reef on Maui. It would have jeopardized water safety throughout the Hawaiian Islands.
Not a good example for the future leaders on how to Malama the Aina – The Mayor did this to make the County’s Injection Well violations acceptable in Lahaina; violations that have been causing damage to the Coral Reef for over three decades.  Here’s a brief look back to remember.

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