Maui Causes 37 Gabe Johnson County Council Candidate 2016

Running on the Aloha ‘Aina slate.
I will work for you and not the special interests

I am a strong advocate of District Voting. As it stands our city centers decide who gets elected. This is not very democratic. The people of Lana’i should be able to vote who represents them. Hana should vote for Hana, Wailuku should vote for Wailuku, etc. This is gerrymandering in our very own County and I am against it.

Protect Resources
I believe in the Public Trust Doctrine. The government’s responsibility is to do what is best for us, the people, when managing our Natural Resources. This is a binding agreement.

As it is now, large money interests are being served, certainly not the people. Presently the EPA has fined the County over sewage injection wells. This mismanagement has to stop.

Too long has the county ignored the people’s demands. We demand clean water. We demand clean soil. We demand to be heard.

Putting People First
Our families need homes, ocean access, parks and infrastructure. I want to partner with non profits such as Habitat for Humanity. I am impressed at what they are doing here on Lana’i and I would like for it to happen throughout the County.

Let’s explore alternative methods of housing such as duplexes, prefabricated housing, and using sustainable materials, such as bamboo.

Affordable Housing is an issue I feel strongly about and I will make it a priority.