Ask Mayor Bissen why he’s letting Greg Brown build on County Land with no permits or plans approved.

ACTION ALERT: Call Mayor Bissen’s office and ask:

1) Why is Greg Brown Development allowed to build in a Shoreline Area on County Land illegally with no SMA permit or approved plans?

2) Why must the citizens file a lawsuit against the County to get the County to enforce its own laws?

Email your complaint to:
and cc:

Call the Mayor’s Office: (808) 270-7855

Join the Napili Bay Community Assoc at
and make a contribution to Shut Down Brown.

Below is what Brown was required to do and didn’t.

Public Works and Planning have confirmed that no SMA permits or plans have been submitted for what Brown is doing on County Land.

Why is Mayor Bissen allowing this abuse to go on?

Research and Planning: The developer should research the specific requirements and regulations for roadway improvements in Maui County.

Project Design: The developer will need to create a detailed plan for the roadway improvements, including design drawings and specifications. This plan should comply with the county’s standards and guidelines for road construction and improvement projects.

Permitting and Approvals: The developer needs to obtain various permits and approvals from the relevant authorities in Maui County. This may include submitting plans for review, environmental assessments, traffic impact studies, and obtaining any necessary right-of-way or easements.

Public Consultation and Meetings: Depending on the scale and impact of the roadway improvements, the developer will need to engage in public consultation processes and attend community meetings to gather feedback, address concerns, and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Construction: Once all necessary permits and approvals are obtained, the developer can proceed with the construction phase. It is important to adhere to the approved plans, follow best practices for construction, and comply with any specific requirements or conditions set by the county.

Inspections and Compliance: Throughout the construction process, the developer may need to schedule inspections to ensure compliance with building codes, safety standards, and any other relevant regulations.

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