Moana Lutey’s Conflicted Confirmation Hearing May 28, 2019

Maui’s Corporation Counsel Moana Lutey’s misleading and evasive testimony during her confirmation hearing before the County Council gave at least two Council Members reason to deny her appointment.

Maui Causes believes that during her 20 years of service to both the Apana and Arakawa administrations, Moana Lutey has routinely made false representations in court filings in order to hide administrative corruption and shield Department Directors who have caused serious harm to the public through faulty decisions and abuse of authority.

As such, Moana Lutey is deeply conflicted professionally and cannot possibly serve the public’s best interest as Maui’s Corporation Counsel.

We citizens call for an investigation into Racketeering by these “Dinosaurs” and, at the very least, demand their removal from Maui’s Office of Corporation Counsel.