Permit Fraud and County Negligence exposed by Concerned Citizens.

A peaceful meeting was held in Napili yesterday regarding the massive structure which received an SMA Permit Exemption from a staff member
of the Planning Department.
Our Planning Director stated she did not review the SMA Application before the exemption was signed on her behalf.
The question was asked of the Director; How many staff members can sign your name under the Director’s authorities granted under the Planning
Commission Rules and County Charter? The Director’s answer was not clear.
Questions were raised about the permit for and integrity of a retaining wall, about misrepresentations of the structure as a single-family home, height restrictions, misrepresentations of the number of bedrooms, and misrepresentation of the total square footage of living space that have major impacts on the permitting and exemptions that were granted.
Negotiations with the builder Greg Brown are said to be ongoing, to bring the height of the structure back down to 30 ft, instead of 45 ft.

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