Construction of Brown’s Monster “Hotel” is nearly complete and ready to rent.

The word from Napili Bay is that Brown’s Monster “Hotel” has or is close to passing final inspections and that short-term rentals will start soon.

The picture here shows some final work going on right now to build walls, plant palm trees, and grade the land adjacent to Brown’s property along Hui Rd E with no approved plans, no SMA permit or exemption, no grading permit, and no runoff controls.

Brown has no right to be doing this work in the public’s right of way along Hui Rd E, just as he had no right to get his SMA permit exemption by submitting plans that included four parking spaces on land he does not control.  Insufficient parking is why we believe Brown lied about having eight bedrooms, when in fact he’s got twelve.

Brown built a 12-bedroom Hotel with only eight on-site parking spaces. Why is the community forced to absorb his parking needs? And what will parking be like when Brown rents the place for a party or throws a fundraiser for a local politician?

Brown’s consistent claim that he has the right to do short-term rentals has been refuted by the planning department, yet until now that remains untested.

Ex-Planning Director Michelle McLean promised the Council that no STR permit will be issued to Brown and in this rare instance, we actually support McLean’s public testimony that by doing STRs Brown would invalidate the SMA exemption that he was granted predicated on building only a single-family residence. No one knows what impact that would have but it’s a legal fight local residents are preparing to take on.

STRs are not the issue with Brown anyway. The issue is that a select few County employees helped Brown violate multiple County, State, and Federal laws and that even with Judge Bissen as our new Mayor, Corporation Counsel is actively protecting them all from prosecution.

Brown’s Monster “Hotel” is not the first time we’ve uncovered evidence of Corporation Counsel pressuring County Inspectors to look the other way to protect developers who illegally exploited their connections within County departments to violate SMA Laws at great cost to the public and the environment.

In many ways, we should all be thankful to Brown Development for so clearly demonstrating how corrupt Maui’s current administration of land development is, so we have to opportunity to expose it, giving Mayor Bissen the opportunity to fix it.

Stand by for announcements of public demonstrations coming at Napili Bay to demand Maui County block Brown from using his new “Hotel” in ways that further violate our rights.

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