“Mandatory” 2nd test? Mike Victorino is playing yet another COVID Bait & Switch

“Mandatory” 2nd test?
“travelers…will get access to…” sounds way more voluntary than mandatory.
“Travelers headed to the Hawaiian island will get access to a free test to be done at the airport upon arrival at the end of April, Maui County mayor Michael Victorino said.”

Note from Sam Small, Director Maui Causes:

My apologies for the typo in the comic. I spent way too many hours researching, writing, and working up this graphic. Way too many hours wasted, revealing Mike Victorino’s lies and being careful with the story to make sure it is accurate and not sensationalized.I could have spent more time, it seems endless the exploitation taking place on Maui, but I made one final revision to the text this morning for accuracy and tone and hit send. And sure enough, there’s a typo.

I spent a good amount of time this week too revealing to you all the negligence of the Grand Wailea’s management by under-staffing and not adhering to Gov Ige’s edict that hotels that house covid quarantines disclose it to the public and have proper protocols in place.

The GW did none of that and created the unfortunate situation where a family found out that what they thought was a covid-safe environment was nothing of the sort when they came upon the death scene of a quarantining guest a few doors down from their room on Easter Morning.

No one should have to do this and I’d certainly rather have spent the time writing a press release about the two Maui-connected regenerative AG initiatives that are being recognized by Earthday International in a video on their website that I contributed to that they expect tens of millions of viewers to see next week.

I don’t get any compensation for what I do with Maui Causes, there’s no super PAC or corporate sponsor for exposing corruption and abuse of authority on Maui.

If you appreciate what I do with Maui Causes please consider making a contribution. I’ll probably just use it pay Facebook to more widely distribute the messages we post but at least it will validate the work and help the cause.

Sam Small
Exec. Director Maui Cause
(Past Media Director for Vote Yes Maui and the Shaka Movement)

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