Maui Tomorrow, State Rep McKelvey, former Council Member Joanne Johnson, Archie Kalepa and Keomoku Kapu file suit against Mayor Victorino and Moana Lutey for ignoring County Council’s vote.

These suits filed against Mayor Victorino and Moana Lutey for ignoring County Council’s vote to settle the Injection Well case were dismissed not on merit, but because none of the Council Members themselves were party to the suit and the judge ruled the plaintiffs didn’t have standing.

Corporation Counsel here appears to be in violation of a number of procedural requirements.
Their acts are typical of an apparent belief that they can do whatever they want with impunity, including violating our County Charter and Hawaii’s professional rules of conduct.

Members of the County Council are exploring filing on ODC complaint against Moana Lutey and citizens have already filed with the Court of the Second Circuit.

This high profile case is a perfect opportunity to shine a light on longstanding professional misconduct here and hopefully can drive our initiative to bring transparency and accountability
to Maui County government.

Additional info on other issues that also demonstrate Corp Counsel’s pattern of abuse of authority are here:

The attention that the injection well case is getting is a big deal here and perhaps our one big shot to drain a swamp that facilitates every opportunity for established interests to continue to exploit Maui’s Taxpayers and our environment.

Pltfs' MSJ Filed 11-29-19-200827 McKelvey v Victorino Complaint

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