Alice Lee wants to fill her Team w Corrupt Lawyers who Bissen removed – and overpay them.

Mayor Bissen’s removal of Moana Lutey and her sidekick Richelle Thomson from Corporation Counsel was a great step towards ending decades of institutionalized corruption on Maui.

As her push towards Fascism expands, Alice Lee wants to hire Lutey and Thomson as County Clerk, and Deputy County Clerk.

With massive salary boosts over past Clerks (Lutey will earn more than the Mayor) to fill jobs that do not require a lawyer.

The County Clerk’s office already has access to lawyers at Corporation Counsel and Council Services whenever needed.

Is the high salary Alice wants to give these two a reward for all their past illegitimate acts or to pave the way towards new ones?

$156,982 yearly to Moana Lutey – 42.39% increase for Clerk.
$149,132 yearly to Richelle Thomson – 51.10% increase for Deputy.
$151,979 is the current salary for Maui County’s Mayor.
$162,552. is the current salary for Hawaii State Attorney General.

We encourage you to testify against Reso 23-12, the Appointment of Moana Lutey as County Clerk and Reso 23-13 Richelle Tompson as Deputy County Clerk.

Remember that Moana Lutey lied to the Council repeatedly about an investigation into bribery accusations within the Planning Dept over Greg Brown’s abusive Naplii Hotel. The investigation she claimed happened NEVER TOOK PLACE!

Lutey also wasted millions of your tax dollars refusing to respect the Council’s unanimous vote to settle the Injection Wells case to instead take it to the Supreme Court, where she lost!

Oh yeah, and she lied to the Council in her confirmation hearing about her role in a contested SMA permit case.

All that and more, are why Lutey was removed as Director of Corporation Counsel.

Maui Causes has a petition with 500 signatures demanding that Moana Lutey be investigated by the FBI for corruption.  Add your name here

Thanks for caring and taking action!

Organizational Meeting of January 2, 2023 2:00 PM
Testify Online via BlueJeans link
Or by email to:

In-Person Testimony and Viewing:
Council Chamber, Kalana O Maui Building, 8th Floor,
200 South High Street, Wailuku, Hawai’i

Courtesy Live Broadcast: Akaku – Maui Community Media, Channel 53  website:

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