Maui Causes Show 65: Maui Pono Network with Paul Deslauriers

Maui Pono Network

Our Mission:
Empowering community action in the spirit of Aloha
for the common good of the ‘Āina and all People.

Strategic Vision

Co-creating an culture of Aloha in Action. By electing representatives who serve the common good and by changing the system, we will eliminate major blocks to affordable housing, raising the minimum wage, sustainable development, producing abundant nutritious food, and reclaiming and restoring the land. The Maui Pono Network is dedicated to this transition.


Goals for the first 9 months (March – November 2018)

Ensure that the majority of elected Maui County Government seats are filled by the Ohana Candidates who will support the common good.
Increase voter registration and absentee ballot use, and provide information about the Ohana Candidates county wide.
Hold two large community music events, regular committee meetings, and potluck gatherings to support the candidates.
Help change the County Charter with amendments such as having a professional County Manager for county operations instead of a Mayor.
Develop a community network and membership.
Create media and social media campaigns with video spots, promotional features, and an informative website.
Produce a one hour, weekly show on AKAKU, “The Pono Network”, featuring and learning from local grassroots organizations and people who are serving the common good.