Maui Causes #31 Gabe Johnson, Maui County Council Candidate from Lanai

Gabe Johnson is running for the Maui County Council seat from Lanai against incumbent Riki Hokama. See more at

A little about Gabe and more to come:

-Lanai resident 13 years

– Former Maui resident and Teacher at Lahaina Luna for 2 years

-Father, Boatsman, Advocated to safeguard fisherman’s rights on Lanai.

-Conservationist and currently works as an invasive species technician for Pulama Lanai, (go ahead and google Pulama Lanai) protecting native birds and keeping invasive species off the island.

-He volunteered and served on the county commission for ADA Americans with Disabilities Alliance for 2 years.

-Experience in post graduate studies in international trade.

-Experience with horses, being a wrangling lead.

-Supports sustainable Ag and not GMO.

-Fluent in Japanese and taught both English and Japanese

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