Action Alert: Testify Tues 6/28 or send email now: SUPPORT IMPOSING EMINENT DOMAIN ON GREG BROWN

After over 18 months of ignoring us, the County Council is finally moving to do something about Greg Brown’s monstrously oversized and illegitimate “Hotel” at Napili Bay.

Please testify Tues 6/28 live via Bluejeans, or by email to support Reso 22-158 to acquire the property for public purposes.

Click here to testify Live starting at 9am.

Or send an email RIGHT NOW to

Last week our community submitted over 28 emails in support of shutting Greg Brown down and launching an investigation into Public Works, Planning, and Corporation Counsel’s abuse of their authority.

See those emails and join the Napili Bay Community association here:    Scroll down or Click on “Public Testimony”

Let’s see if we can top last week’s excellent community activism! Send an email RIGHT NOW to

Talking points:
Support the Eminent Domain process with certain conditions:

Corporation Counsel must be excluded:
The County Council must secure legal advice that does not come from Corporation Counsel. Moana Lutey, John Rapacz (retired), and others are deeply conflicted and have repeatedly misrepresented the facts to the Council.

This must not turn into a “Payday” for Greg Brown:
The many proven layers of misrepresentations by Brown, to secure exemptions and permits that he was never entitled to, must limit the “fair market” value of the property and the public’s outlay to “take” the property.

Michelle Mclean has been lying to the Council!
This property is in a Mixed-Use district that includes Hotels. Short-term rentals with no permits are how it’s done in Napili Bay because it is zoned for that. McLean’s promise that the County “will never issue a short-term rental permit to Brown” is intentionally misleading because he’s not required to ask for one.

With your support, our community is forcing a new level of accountability that has never before existed in Maui County government, in the Council, and in the Administration.

The pushback from several groups of entrenched exploiters will be fierce. Expect it to be a bumpy ride! But with your support, we can move Maui County into a new era as a modern municipality that serves the best interests of its residents, not the Fat Cats.

Join and make a contribution to the Napili Bay Community association here:

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