Stop Work Orders Shut Down Brown – Whistleblower’s wrongful termination suit against Mayor Victorino advances.

Eight months after Chris Salem first notified Mayor Victorino of Greg Brown’s violations and six months after Mr. Salem was terminated as retribution for responding to community complaints and pressing the matter within the administration, Greg Brown has finally been ordered to stop all work on his Napili Bay “Hotel”. Today’s Stop Work orders were … Read more

Action Alert: Tues June 30 9am Proposed Charter Amendment to Allow County Council to Fire Corporation Counsel

Testify Tues June 30, 9 am: Most of our Council Members only found out after the fact that Moana Lutey publically lied in her confirmation hearings in order to secure her extremely powerful job as Maui’s top lawyer. By then it was too late to protect the citizen’s interests as our current charter allows only … Read more