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Powerful new video call to action… Support Covid-19 Responders and Caregivers
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Hawaii airports planning to mandate 14-day home quarantine for incoming residents and visitors.
Advice from Lt. Gov Josh Green, an Emergency Room MD:

If we want to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic in Hawaii we must do this:
1. We suspend all non-essential travel to Hawaii through 4/30/20,
2. Anyone who comes to Hawaii gets 2 weeks quarantine,
3. We contact test every positive case and isolate them completely,
4. We continue to study the states that are 2-4 weeks ahead of us to prepare for all of our needs,
5. We stand up extra Hospital capacity (with military support)the second we see it could help.
Bonus: screen at airports, order millions more masks and swabs.
This is the model that worked in Taiwan and Singapore and they lived.
This is the only way to prevent our healthcare system from being overrun and to save lives, especially Kupuna.
The opposite approach of inadequate follow up and inadequate testing failed, and lives were tragically lost.
Josh, LG

Petition 1: Expose Maui’s Violation of Federal Shoreline Protection Laws. Close The Loopholes!

Petition 2: Protect Maui Taxpayers from Giveaways to Real Estate Developers.

Petition 3: Request for Criminal Investigation of Corporation Counsel Moana Lutey…

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