Community Farmland Council fails to get required number of signatures

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.28.29 PMFor immediate release: June 13, 2016

Press Release by:
Danny Mateo, County Clerk (808) 270-7748
Office of the County Clerk
County of Maui

Community Farmland Council fails to get required number of signatures

WAILUKU, Hawaii – The Office of the County Clerk has certified that the Community Farmland Council has not collected the required amount of valid signatures needed to advance to the Council a petition to establish a program to acquire and lease agricultural lands, County Clerk Danny Mateo announced today.

Initiative Organic Farm Land

“On April 18, the Community Farmland Council submitted an initiative petition that contained 11,339 signatures, and a supplemental petition on June 1 that contained 6,827 signatures,” Mateo said. “Our office has reviewed both submissions and determined that 7,305 registered voters in the County of Maui have signed the petitions, while 10,861 signatures have been deemed invalid.”

Twenty percent of the total number of voters who cast ballots in the last mayoral general election, or 9,201 registered voters, were required to sign the petition to have it formally submitted to the Council.

“Our office has carefully and diligently reviewed each line of the petitions to ensure a thorough and fair review for all sides of the issue,” said Mateo.

As examples, Mateo noted that signatures may be deemed invalid due to duplicate signatures, insufficient or incorrect information provided, or illegible handwriting. Signatures would also be counted as invalid if a signer was not registered to vote in the County of Maui.

Initiative-Organic-Farm-Land (1)According to the Charter requirements, each individual signing the petition must also provide their printed name and place of residence.

“Our office looks forward in assisting the public to utilize their rights as citizens of Maui County,” said Mateo. “We will continue to provide fair and unbiased assistance on all issues presented to us.”

Mateo said the ratio between valid and invalid signatures on the Community Farmland Council petition is fairly consistent with previous initiative petitions made in other counties in the State of Hawaii.

The 2014 GMO petition in Maui County submitted by the SHAKA Movement had approximately 46 percent of those signatures deemed valid. Additionally, the Hawaii County Clerk’s Office received initiative petitions in 2006 and 2008, where approximately 45 percent of those signatures were deemed valid in each year, respectively. In comparison, the validity rate for the Community Farmland Council’s petitions is approximately 40 percent.

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June 13, 2016: Certification of results letter

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