Mayor Victorino boasts that he hired Directors because he knew they were corrupt.

Mayor Mike Victorino just lied through his teeth about his knowledge and tolerance of corruption within Maui County Gov’t.

Listen to the audio below where Mike boasts that as Mayor he hired prior Mayor Alan Arakawa’s tools, Pat Wong and David Goode, BECAUSE he knew they were corrupt and thinks he can use that to control them.

Pat Wong never provided his tax records claiming he won $500K in Las Vegas. Like Choy’s payments of gambling chips to Stant, were Wong’s poker winnings a payoff for the Palama Drive settlement he personally negotiated with his law school pal Ron Ugomori?

Wong keep it secret from the County Council that the developer had already approved an alternative settlement agreement generated by a team of nationwide affordable experts led by Chris Salem to turn those 52 lots into 100% affordable housing, at zero cost to the County.

It sure looks like Pat Wong swindled the County to spend upwards of $20 million in order to get a half million for himself.

Hello, FBI?

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