BREAKING NEWS: Senior County Official Confirms that Whistleblower Chris Salem is Correct on Greg Brown’s Violations.

“Third Story” violates Napili Bay District “Two Story” limit.
Building over 7,500 sq ft, Brown’s SMA Permit Exemption is INVALID.

Greg Brown’s “Hotel”, misrepresented as a “Single-Family, Two-Story” home, denied the community’s right to public hearings to protect shoreline areas, as mandated by the State and Feds.

But will Corporation Counsel Director Moana Lutey block both Planning and Public Works from issuing a well-justified Stop Work Order and rescinding Mr. Brown’s fraudulently acquired SMA permit exemption – with fines added?

How many costly lawsuits does Corporation Counsel need to lose (Palama Drive, Montana Beach, the Injection Wells) before we all agree that defiantly defending the faulty decisions of senior County officials is a misuse of public funds?Especially when their decision benefits a private interest and may have been motivated by a bribe?

Mayor Victorino has a duty to enforce the laws and supervise the County Directors to issue a stop-work order now. Will he do what is right or be intimidated by Corp Counsel yet again to serve a developer’s interests, not the public?

Tear down Brown’s “Monster” and build a park with public restrooms so beachgoers can stop using Napili Bay as their toilet!

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