Maui Causes Show #67 Gabe Johnson, County Council Candidate
Gabe Johnson is running for the 2018 Maui County Council, Lana’i Seat. He wishes to create good paying jobs, in a clean environment with a healthy economy. He looks forward to hearing from you.
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Lets not forget the Labor Movement of the Plantation days. They fought for an increase in wages. When I am elected I will continue the tradition by sending legislation to the State for the Fight for Fifteen. While increasing the minimum wage is only one tool in the toolbox we must also tackle the affordable housing issue. Increases wages while at the same time decreasing the cost of Homes in the County can help our workers reach financial security.

Healthy Lands make for healthy people. My career is in Invasive Species. I do as much as I can to protect the Islands from foriegn invaders. I am a strong proponent of the Public Trust Doctrine which believes that the Government respects the Peoples wishes in regards to Environmental Issues.

We have so many paths to a robust economy besides more of the Tourism based model. I believe locally grown food and a farm to table model would help us be less dependent upon mainland barges. Goods, services, and food should be created and consumed here in our islands. I’m a strong proponent of the tech industry as well. Light footprint economies should be our focus.