Maui Causes #49 JADAM Ultra-low Cost, Do-It-Yourself, Korean Natural Farming–2

In this show we reach back to Dwight D. Eisenhower’s caution to the nation of the impending takeover by the Military Industrial Complex, how that has become today’s reality and how returning to Natural Farming techniques like what JADAM teaches has become today’s ultimate Resistance.

Youngsang Cho, the founder of JADAM Organic Farming, presented a two day intensive training
in Ultra-Low-Cost agriculture this spring on Maui.

We had three cameras rolling to capture everything about how to make your own all-natural fertilizers, pesticides and microorganism inputs, for just pennies.

We now need to raise funds to edit Mr. Cho’s presentation and package it as a game changing instructional video that can be distributed to whomever can benefit from it – which is everybody.

Mr. Cho speaks only Korean and his entire two days of presentation was translated into English by the Director of JADAM, Mr. Rei Yoon. It will be a laborious process to edit this video (minimizing Mr Cho’s Korean, emphasizing Mr Yoon’s English, and adding English graphics) so that it will be easy for an English speaking audience to view and benefit from.

The funds we raise here will go towards paying for that edit. We need to raise at least $4500 to do the job well, and we would love to raise another $1500 to give at least something for the cameras and crew that filmed the workshop. ANY FUNDS BEYOND $6000 WILL GO DIRECTLY TO JADAM IN KOREA, to help them finish building their website where they openly share all their extensive knowledge with the farmers of the world, for free.

Who are we? Leading this project is Sam Small, a multi-hyphened production professional. Check out to see some of Sam’s commercial and documentary work, and to see the community based activism that evolved out of Sam’s role as the Media Director for the SHAKA Movement’s successful 2014 electoral campaign for Maui’s GMO Moratorium.