Mayor Bissen is called upon to follow Honolulu’s lead to revoke Brown’s unlawful Monster Home permit

Honolulu DPP said it is revoking the building permit for a 14-room home on Kamehameha Heights after a review requested by a Council Member and State House Rep revealed that the developer misrepresented their permit application.

That’s precisely what we have repeatedly shown Greg Brown did in Napili Bay – but so far, no Maui politician has been willing to support shutting Brown down.

In fact, Maui County member Tamara Paltin has repeatedly misled the public saying the Council is powerless to demand enforcement of Greg Brown’s permit violations and even went out of her way to kill a unanimously-approved official Council investigation into the wrongful administration of Brown’s permits.

Even former Planning Director Mclean has admitted that Brown’s permit applications contained misrepresentations. That means from the outset, Department staff cooperated with Brown to violate County Codes and deny the community of our rights.

Department policies do typically give developers an opportunity to make onsite revisions that bring construction back into compliance if an inspection shows the developer varied from their approved plans.

But Brown’s construction was faithful to his approved plans, he did not vary from what was on paper.  Brown’s violations were baked into the plans from the beginning and because of that, Brown’s permits should have been invalidated and revoked.

Instead, Director McLean unlawfully lifted the Stop Work orders that were issued to Brown by manufacturing a new, bogus policy to let Brown make revisions not just on-site but also to the violations contained in his original building plans.

The problem the community has is that Brown’s SMA permit exemption, which denied the community the opportunity to have input into his design, was awarded to Brown on the basis of the original plan violations.

The only way to restore the community’s rights is for Mayor Bissen to display the political will to do what Honolulu just did – to have his departments revoke Brown’s permits because of the original misrepresentations and force Brown to start all over from scratch, at his own cost.

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