Upcountry Sustainability Presents “Garbage on Maui: Let’s Talk Trash”  On AKAKU Ch 54  Video Provided by MAUI CAUSES Powered by Your Donations….

Akaku Channel 54 Monday 4/13 12:22 AM
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Akaku Channel 54 Tuesday 4/14 4:10 AM
Akaku Channel 54 Tuesday 4/14 9:37 PM

PUKALANI – Upcountry Sustainability is proud to present “Garbage on Maui: Let’s Talk Trash.” Representatives from local recycling companies will lead the discussion on what is currently happening on Maui to divert waste from landfills. Presenters include Kelly King (Pacific Biodiesel), Brittany Smart (Maui EKO Systems), and Tom Reed (Aloha Recycling).

Kelly will clarify the benefits the County has realized through it’s current recycling model. Brittany will focus on compost and organics recycling. Tom will address what happens to recycled material, and the current challenges faced by recycling processors. Concerns about the County’s new waste-to-energy project may also be discussed.

King serves as the Vice President of Pacific Biodiesel Technologies. Since its inception in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel has kept more than 21 million gallons of fats, oils, and grease out of Maui’s landfills. They pioneered the model of using waste cooking oils as biodiesel feedstock, and is the oldest biodiesel company in America. They have been named one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Companies in Hawaii” by Pacific Business News, and have won national and international awards.

Smart serves in Marketing & Public Affairs at Maui EKO Systems. Established in 1995, EKO is Maui County’s most successful landfill diversion program. They operate the County’s green waste recycling and co-composting facility. Their accomplishments has also earned them awards.

Reed is President and Majority Owner of Aloha Recycling. The company was formed in 1992, and operates several Certified Redemption Centers as well as a full service Material Recovery Facility (MRF).


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