UPDATE: BRIAN MURPHY OUT ON PROBATION!!! Should be home today. Interesting Timing???

Our Question is: Were they holding Brian so he couldn’t participate in the legislative process that just created Dispensaries rather than Full On Legalization? Hawaii’s Pot Mafia protected their Billions of profits in Black Market Recreational Pot by steering the debate towards Dispensaries for Medical Marijuana that are a Financial Burden for Sick People. Now … Read more

From Death Comes Life – Not Environmental Pollution. That’s If We Get Rid of Today’s Unnecessary Toxic and Expensive Burial Practices.

Can Human Bodies Become Compost? Jordyn Cormier Guest Blogger for Care2.com Our burial practices are generally a taboo topic. We don’t like to think about death, least of all how our burials will affect the environment. Unfortunately, burials aren’t very sustainable, so let’s talk about it. The modern human burial process is both costly and … Read more