Polish farmers protest, want to ban GMO’s

Polish farmers block motorways for land rights, no GMOs

Oliver Tickell The Ecologist http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_round_up/2747384/polish_farmers_block_motorways_for_land_rights_no_gmos.html

9th February 2014
Thousands of small farmers in Poland are blockading motorways and holding demonstrations to demand land rights, a ban on GMOs and an end to oppressive health and safety regulations – and they are refusing to call off the protests until their demands are met.

We demand the introduction of legislation that will protect Polish land from exploitation by foreign capital! Agricultural land cannot be sold to commercial companies. It’s part of Polish territory. Once sold it will be lost.

Poland’s biggest ever farmers’ protest is now entering its second week after closing down key motorways and main ‘A’ roads.

Rallies and blockades have so far taken place in over 50 locations across the country involving thousands of small and family farmers.

Over 150 tractors have been blockading the A2 motorway into Warsaw since the 3rd February and hundreds more have closed roads and are picketing governmental offices in other regions.

The farmers are vowing to continue the struggle until the government agrees to enter talks with the union and address what the growing crisis in Polish agriculture, and roll back measures that unfairly discriminate against smaller family-run farms.

“We are ready for dialogue”, said Edward Kosmal, chairman of the farmers protest committee for West-Pomeranian Region. “We look forward to meeting with you, Prime Minister, and beginning a comprehensive government commitment to solving the problems of Polish agriculture.

“If you do not enter into a dialogue with the Union, we will be forced to step up our protests.”

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