Jadam Organic Farming Seminars in Hawaii

Dear organic farming friends of the world!

We are “Jadam,” a group based in Korea that promotes “Ultra-low cost” organic farming.
After decades of research and studies, Jadam has come up with a system of organic farming
where the farmers can make their own fertilizer, microbe input, and even pesticide.
The making of, and use of inputs are extremely easy and effective, and have been open to the public.

With Jadam, you can lower your farming costs to 5 or 10 percent of conventional farming.
You can reduce cost and yet go organic.
Aphids, mites, powdery mildew, downy mildew are some of the biggest toughies in organic farming.
To Jadam, they are piece of cake.
Watch them come under control with homemade, low-cost, organic pesticides.

Last January from 27 to 28, we did a seminar in Hilo, Hawaii, where over 200 people came.
The seminar was such a big hit that Jadam is invited again,
this time, to conduct three seminars in different islands of Hawaii.

Jadam is delighted to inform and extend invitation to you.
The details are as follows:

Lecturer: Youngsang Cho, president of Jadam
Interpreter: Rei Yoon, director of Jadam
Time: 10:00~17:00, for two days
Registration fee: around $100 (with lunch)
Textbook: “Jadam Organic Farming” (340 page, $60)

Seminar 1
– May 27-28 at OK Farm, Hilo, Big Island
– Organized by CGNF Hawaii (Cho’s Global Natural Farming Hawaii)
– Contact: Jackie Prell, jacqueprell@hotmail.com

Seminar 2
– Jun 10-11 at Christ United Methodist Church, Honolulu, Oahu
– Organized by Natural Farmers of Oahu
– Contact: Ken Koike, wkenkoike@hotmail.com

Seminar 3
– Jun 18-19 on Maui.
– Organized by HINA (Hawaiian Indigenous Natural Farmer’s Association)
– Contact: Brian Bardellini, brian@datainc.com
– Register online http://www.hinaorganic.com/tickets/jadam 

* Textbooks can also be purchased on amazon: http://goo.gl/Ua0W40
* Jadam youtube: https://goo.gl/8TrwcS
* Jadam facebook: www.facebook.com/JADAMorganic/
About the president Youngsang Cho:
He has found and established the system of ultra-low cost agriculture
in belief that that is the key to spreading organic farming to the public.
He has developed many innovative organic inputs including:
– a method of melting sulfur within 10 minutes and turning it into natural disinfectant.
– an organic wetting agent that is made from vegetable oil in 10 minutes.
– how to cultivate indigenous microorganisms super-easily
– high-quality zero-cost organic liquid fertilizer

If you want to contact Jadam directly, email to: jadamorganic@gmail.com
You can invite us to give a seminar in your region!

Jadam proudly announces that its method of farming can be done at below $100 per acre a year.
Its is also in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program.

I look forward to joining hands with great friends of organic farming all over the world.


Youngsang Cho
President of Jadam

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