Ellie Cochran Wants You to Testify: A Good Settlement Has Been Reached. County to Pay Fees Towards Resolution of Court Cases and Create A New Waste Water Solution.

ApproveMaui County Agrees to Get Pono on Injection Wells!

This Friday, the injection well issue comes before the the County Council Committee of the Whole again. (See litigation matters (COW-1(3) Click Here)

Ellie Cochran’s office now actually supports the current process. As we understand it today, Maui County is no longer fighting this issue, they are actually moving to resolve it.

The Council on Friday will hear a proposal to authorize another $350,000 to actualize a good settlement that has already been reached by all the involved parties.

Part of the settlement is for The County to work towards remediation of the injection well pollution. As well, they will be paying the legal fees of the plaintiff, who brought the lawsuit that forced their hands, and for a procedural appeal that is seen by all parties as the fastest way to resolve the whole legal issue.

Council Member Ellie Cochran has long advocated that Maui County stop fighting this battle in court and put our resources toward fixing the injection well problem instead. And that’s why she is now suggesting that we, as a community, support this particular proposed $350,000 expenditure.

Please share your thoughts on this matter by emailing testimony to cow.committee@mauicounty.us or by testifying in person on the 8th floor of the county building on Friday, April 15 at 1:30 pm.



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