First Meeting of Maui Pono Network Mon 3/19 7pm Featured Speaker: Alika Atay







Maui Pono Network

“Empowering community action in service to the common good”

First Meeting:
Monday, March 19th, 7pm – 9pm
Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm, 4505 Hana Hwy, Haiku

Featured Speaker: Alika Atay

Did you vote for the GMO Moratorium?
Where you disappointed that your vote was not upheld?
Will we allow Maui to become the next Oahu or will we come together for the ‘Āina and the people?
The upcoming 2018 county elections are critical. Now is the time to support and elect representatives who serve the common good. We can also amend our county charter to create a more accountable and transparent governance. For example an amendment could mandate a professional County Manager to oversee Maui’s $800 million budget.

Be a part of shifting Maui from plantation era, big money interests to progressive leadership for the people and the ‘Āina.

Come together for the launch of the Maui Pono Network and be part of the power of community collaberation for peaceful change.

Inspiring speakers include progressive County Council Member Alika Atay, Maui Pono Network Director Paul Deslauriers (Grassroots organizer for 34 years and author of three books on the subject.), SHAKA co-founders Satya and Bruce Douglas, and more.

“Maui Pono Network

Our Mission:
Empowering community action in the spirit of Aloha
for the common good of the ‘Āina and all People.

Strategic Vision

Co-creating an culture of Aloha in Action. By electing representatives who serve the common good and by changing the system, we will eliminate major blocks to affordable housing, raising the minimum wage, sustainable development, producing abundant nutritious food, and reclaiming and restoring the land. The Maui Pono Network is dedicated to this transition.


Goals for the first 9 months (March – November 2018)

Ensure that the majority of elected Maui County Government seats are filled by the Ohana Candidates who will support the common good.
Increase voter registration and absentee ballot use, and provide information about the Ohana Candidates county wide.
Hold two large community music events, regular committee meetings, and potluck gatherings to support the candidates.
Help change the County Charter with amendments such as having a professional County Manager for county operations instead of a Mayor.
Develop a community network and membership.
Create media and social media campaigns with video spots, promotional features, and an informative website.
Produce a one hour, weekly show on AKAKU, “The Pono Network”, featuring and learning from local grassroots organizations and people who are serving the common good.

Goals after the election
Support sustainable development in balance with environmental needs
Increase affordable housing
Develop solutions to homelessness
Increase local nutritious food supply and food security
Increase Minimum wage

Transition to the Common Good

“Common Good” in Hawaiian is “Pono Mau”. The Hawaii State Constitution, Article 11, the “Public Trust Doctrine”, describes this common good that the residents are entrusted to uphold. Pono is used in many ways on the Islands to mean things that are right, good, balanced and correct, It is also a commonly recognized term on the mainland. To “make things right and in balance” for the people, the land, water and the resources of Maui County requires a deep systemic change involving stages.

An important stage is Maui county government. Maui is on the brink of gaining enough county seats so that its governance serves the common good instead of big money interest. Certain charter amendments would empower the voice of the people and ensure our resources are used wisely. The 2018 election cycle is critical for Maui’s future.

This change can be far reaching as residents can protect their health and environment instead of allowing outside interests to harm the people and land for generations while profiting only a few. Removing key blocks in our system opens up a new possibilities. The totality of the vision is expansive: transparent political governance, fair monetary exchange structure, wise environmental management, abundant nutritious food, free health care for all, improved education, and comprehensive social services. These are our rights as citizens. There are many proven effective models already exist. It is the fiscally responsible thing to do, but the present system prevents this from happening.

The disenfranchisement of the Maui’s citizens and the existing power of corporate control became very evident when the SHAKA Movement petitioned a ballot initiative and won the vote, the first ever in Maui. The citizen’s vote resulted in a Moratorium on GMO activities until those activities could be proven safe. The big money interests disavowed the citizens’ vote and went to a California judges resulting in corporate control by Monsanto trumping citizens’ demand for their health and well being.

Several SHAKA founders, Paul Deslauriers and others are coming together for the next wave of a deeper systemic change that enhances the common good. Maui has been the spearhead in confirming what is possible for the other Hawaiian Islands. Let us take it to the next level.


Steering Committee: This collaborative team steers the organization through its development. Representatives from each committee, as well as key contributors, will be a part of a team with a common focus and core values. Group size limited to 12.

Advisory Committee: Supporters who hold great wisdom and who are willing to share it at appropriate times.

Working Committees:
Community Networking: Outreach to groups, social service organizations, and clubs. Develop membership and a presence at gatherings. Participate in celebrations such as Earth Day.
Meetings/Events: Organize two large events: one for young voters prior to the primary; the second for the community at large prior to the election. Hold regular committee meetings and potluck gatherings to get the candidates known. Generate voter registration and petition signing.
Media: Access social media, produce video spots, create flyers that support candidates, and activate an effective media strategy. All outgoing representation to be approved by committee.
Akaku Weekly Televised Series: “The Pono Network” TV Show on Akaku is focused on grassroots organizing and local solutions. Important insights provided during each show can be used for personal growth, community initiatives, and system change.
Fundraising: Use various platforms.
Charter Amendments: We can also amend our County Charter to create a more accountable and transparent governance. For example an amendment could mandate a professional County Manager to oversee Maui’s $800 million budget.

Membership: The foundation of an organization is comprised of its members, and those who participate in the network. Members have a say as to who holds leadership positions. Membership demonstrates grassroots participation and ownership. Membership helps hold those in leadership to standards. Membership sets the stage for non-profit status.

The Maui Community: Community is the power we are tapping into. Information sharing, potluck meals, music events, and inspirational speakers are sources that unite community and tap a potent force for change.

Contact for Info: (808) 264 3536

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