Maui Causes #75 Ke’eaumoku Kapu – Candidate: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

As Maui’s representative to OHA, I am committed to:

**Bring Pono and Community back to the board

**Support policies that seek to train and heal our people and the institutions that serve them through culture

**Decrease mass incarceration through policy initiatives

**Increase affordable housing by effective use of existing resources

**Support policies that make OHA the primary facilitator of partners to improve the overall well-being of all Hawaiians.

I am very excited to see what the future holds with the creation of a stronger institution. An institution that will not falter and make decisions without the advice of the people we serve. An institution that will assure our future is not being compromised for chump change.,

We need leaders and not real estate brokers, Cultural consultants for huge hotels or Beauty Queens so help us end the curse that has plagued our people for too long. GREED!

We Hawaiians are special and should be treated specially. The State needs to owe up. Kakaako was a bad deal. I would have gone for all of the properties on the West Waianae range which includes Lualualei From Nanakuli to Kukaniloko. within the Wahiawa District around Kahi point back to Waianae. Prime pineapple lands Military bases and lands that are pristine of indigenous fauna and species that need our attention. Start looking at area’s that are potential to start providing homes for all our kanaka especially our kanaka who do not make the 50% blood requirement for a home under the Department of Hawaiian Homelands. So our 49% lesser are included. In fact, OHA should have land on every island. Waukele o puna is not enough for big island. What other properties are there.

This would provide more opportunity to our ohana who are homeless or ohana transitioning from incarceration into society. A society that can start the teachings of being totally self-dependent and self-reliant.

We would have the resources to malama. and a wahipana to cherish to start the building of our Capital. A Bio-Industrial revolution to sustain our communities and farms. Solar, Hydro and wind energy an off the grid enterprise by decreasing fossil fuel uses.

We should have our own banking, schools, Hospitals, and Lands for affordable housing and we should start providing more opportunity to our youth to help them transition from K12 to college and start helping families fight for their lands.

How many of you think this is impossible.

Lastly! OHA needs to start helping families fight these land companies of adverse possession claims and quit titles.