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Complaint to Hawai'i Department of Health



ACTION ALERT: Drive-Through Occupation of Maui’s Airport 

SAT Oct 24th: 10am to 1pm

Be Peaceful, Be Courteous, Be LOUD!

Suggested Slogans to soap your windows with: 




 Mayor Victorino has been relying on the State to do what’s needed to protect us all from the very serious threat of both COVID-19 infections and a financially devastating future Shutdown.

 There are however several actions that can be done on Maui that do not involve or rely on the State. This is a call to action to maximize the existing resources Maui does have at hand right now to immediately enhance our COVID-19 response.

 This a non-partisan event, please DO NOT bring political campaign signs and the Airport says specifically: No Flags. 

 If you can, be there by 10am for signage at the cell phone lot, which is now behind where the rental cars used to be. You can use shaving cream, a bar of soap, window markers or liquid chalk. Most of these can be removed easily with soap and water.

 We’ll drive in circles, slowly, to send our message. We cannot stop traffic, but we can make noise.

 After an hour or so some folks will park and enter the airport to hand out flyers that contain info on Maui’s existing protective rules that the county is not bothering to communicate to tourists. 

 The event will end with a press conference at 1PM that will be videoed for social media and the News Stations.

Gather at the Entrance to the Airport from Haleakala Highway, in front of the Airport sign.

We should be able to park along the side of the road along Haleakala Hwy. Please stay safe, and wear masks.

If you would like to speak at the press conference please send an email to

 This call to action is a collaboration among several community service organizations including: HALEHawaii Supporters Group,, Maui Citizens for Quarantine Enforcement, Hawai’i Quarantine KAPU Breakers, Maui Real News and

 Please visit, their website and research are absolutely outstanding and their position statements are now being actively avoided by the Mayor.    

 Sign the open letter to the Mayor too:

 FORMAL LETTER TO THE MAYOR re: Reopening Maui to tourism during the Covid-19 Pandemic

 Dear Mr. Mayor,

 In your words, Mr. Mayor, “We still need to unite and work together in Maui County.” We believe that with the Oct 15th Reopening to Tourism, Maui County is at a critical point in being able to effectively manage the impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on both our resident population and on our economy.

 We all agree that we need to keep our resident population safe AND keep our economy open.

However, it is also apparent that not all the elements necessary for success are being implemented.

 Not to diminish any of the many good things your office has already accomplished, we, the undersigned, call on you to immediately adopt the following policies and procedures. In this way we can work together to manage existing resources in ways that will immediately enhance Maui County’s mitigation of the COVID-19 threat:

 1. The establishment of a Rapid Response Covid-19 Task Force with the authority to plan for and execute emergency responses to inevitable hot spots and other unforeseen events in collaboration with the Maui State Health Dept. The Task Force can be headed by your Managing Director with the participation of at least two Council Members, a State House Rep, Dr. Lorrin Pang, Dr. Stephanie Yan, and three community members who have professional expertise and are qualified to assist and advise.

 2. The implementation of the PERSEUS Phone App for anonymous contact tracing within Maui County. The app can have successful mitigation results even if the participation is just 10% and, it has already been approved by our County Council.

 3. Upgrade the secondary test we currently offer travelers and visitors from voluntary to mandatory, as has already been permitted by Governor Ige. The current Kama’aina Card, you thoughtfully created, can be used then, instead, as an incentive for use of the PERSEUS App.

 4. Launch a public education media campaign to promote Maui’s existing rules on gatherings, social distancing, and mask-wearing for all. Everyone adhering to these rules is essential for our success.

 The State estimates that one of every 1,000 visitors coming to Maui will be infected with Covid-19, which is approximately 35 to 56 people who are arriving to Maui every week. Just one super-spreader will have a devastating impact on our community. We need to be better prepared in order to avoid another shutdown.

 Dr. Fauci stated unequivocally that Hawai’i’s success at reopening is only as good as the mitigation strategies that are implemented locally and effectively.

 What we love, we protect. Thank you for trusting and believing in our community enough to implement the above mitigation strategies to ensure Maui’s success in reopening. Let us together, Malama Maui.


Powerful new video call to action… Support Covid-19 Responders and Caregivers
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Hawaii airports planning to mandate 14-day home quarantine for incoming residents and visitors.
Advice from Lt. Gov Josh Green, an Emergency Room MD:

If we want to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic in Hawaii we must do this:
1. We suspend all non-essential travel to Hawaii through 4/30/20,
2. Anyone who comes to Hawaii gets 2 weeks quarantine,
3. We contact test every positive case and isolate them completely,
4. We continue to study the states that are 2-4 weeks ahead of us to prepare for all of our needs,
5. We stand up extra Hospital capacity (with military support)the second we see it could help.
Bonus: screen at airports, order millions more masks and swabs.
This is the model that worked in Taiwan and Singapore and they lived.
This is the only way to prevent our healthcare system from being overrun and to save lives, especially Kupuna.
The opposite approach of inadequate follow up and inadequate testing failed, and lives were tragically lost.
Josh, LG

Petition 1: Expose Maui’s Violation of Federal Shoreline Protection Laws. Close The Loopholes!

Petition 2: Protect Maui Taxpayers from Giveaways to Real Estate Developers.

Petition 3: Request for Criminal Investigation of Corporation Counsel Moana Lutey…

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