Citizen’s Ethics Complaint to Deny David Goode’s Employment as the Director of Public Works

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Ethics Complaint Director Goode

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Attached is a Citizen’s Ethics Complaint to Deny David Goode’s Employment as the Director of Public Works. We believe a simple review of this evidence by independent counsel will lead to the swift termination of Director Goode’s employment. 

This complaint and the investigation that should be triggered into wrong-doing by Director Goode raises the issue of the persistent lack of independent legal representation that the County Council has suffered at the hands of Corporation Counsel since independent legal opinions were supposed to become available starting Jan 1st, 2017.  

In his testimony to the Council last week Director Goode misrepresented the status of two citizen-driven lawsuits about which he was completely unqualified to comment on. David Goode is not a lawyer and yet led the Council to believe that the cases had no merit and were thrown out, which is completely false. In fact, the cases are awaiting appeal on procedural grounds and the actual merits of the complaints have yet to be addressed at all.  

Rather awkwardly, the lawyer for Corporation Counsel sitting next to Director Goode, Ed Kushi, who should have stopped Director Goode from making his misstatements, didn’t, perhaps because Mr. Kushi himself is a named party to the very same lawsuits!

Do you get how incestuous all this is? The citizen’s and the Council’s right to due process is being trampled here.

How can the Council take up the ethical and legal issues presented with proof of Director Goode’s misdeeds without first securing and consulting legal counsel independent of the Corporation Counsel who has joined Mr. Goode in covering up? 


In February of 2018, I was asked by Elle Cochran to give a presentation on 3-Lot-Or-Less Subdivision Deferral Agreements for Item 32 in her Infrastructure Committee. 

My presentation dove deeply into contradictions and mischaracterizations that have been made over time by Public Works Director David Goode and support the call for an Ethics Investigation and denial of his continued employment Public Works Director.

The video of that presentation can be found on the Maui Causes website:

Attached is the text of my presentation and accompanying slides

Please review the presentation I made to the Infrastructure and Environmental Management Committee as it encapsulates the rich and disturbing administrative and civil debacle that persists to this day.


Sam Small

Director, Maui Causes