Who are Hawaii’s elected representatives listening to?

Who are Hawaii’s elected representatives listening to?

The House Ag Committee approved a “Revised Monsanto Protection Act” after receiving 175 testimonies opposing it and only 17 in favor.

The “Oppose” testimonies included: the Hawaiʻi Farmers Union United, Rep. Cynthia Thielen, several County Council Members, quite a few small scale farmers and farmersʻ initiatives, with the other 175+ testimonies from individuals around the state.

The 11 “Support” testimonies included Alexander and Baldwin, Inc. (“A&B”) and the Hawaiʻi Crop Improvement Association (trade group representing Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Agrosciences, Pioneer-Dupont, and BASF ). There was also support for the bill from the state and Maui Farmers Bureaus, and the state Dept. of Agriculture.

Money Talks. We need to stop this corruption.



Source: Hawaiʻi Alliance for Progressive Action.



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