30 Crazy Facts of Pesticides Roundup & 2,4-D  WARNING: READING THIS CAN MAKE YOU SICK.

Thanks to Jodie Bruning, a New Zealand Mom for compiling this sickening list.  Her great website: www.safesayswho.com



  1. Maximum residue levels of Roundup / glyphosate are permitted to be higher on our staple cereals (like flour and oats) than on GMO Roundup Ready soybeans & corn.
  2. Pre-harvest pesticide spraying to ‘mature cereal plants & animal feed are the reason glyphosate/ Roundup residues have increased massively on our wheat in the last 6 years.  This is referred to as desiccation or a deathspray.
  3. Residues have increased the same time independent research has been showing damage at increasingly lower levels. Independent research frequently not  included in international toxicity assessments due to the double standards of these assessment agencies.
  4. There are no studies whatsoever held with the major safety agencies of pesticides in their complete form – formula.  Toxicity tests used by the USA EPA, Europe or the WHO never use the stronger formula Roundup, commonly applied to our food. Only the weaker active chemical glyphosate.
  5. In all reproductive & development tests held with the EPA, WHO & EU, rodents are not dosed the (weaker) glyphosate in the lead up to pregnancy nor in the first 6 days of pregnancy – effectively the first trimester for the rodent.
  6. Independent studies show malformations at the low levels of current human exposure.  These studies are not accepted by the USA EPA, WHO or Europe.
  7. It is rare to find a toxicity study held by the USA EPA, Europe and the WHO for Roundup that is not provided by Monsanto, Cheminova and Syngenta. Or 2,4-D by Dow or the 2,4-D Industry Task Force.
  8. Every unpublished (ie. most of them) Monsanto, Syngenta, Cheminova, Dow (etc,etc,etc) study is unavailable to independent scientists working in the public interest – many problems are dismissed (Eg. due to ‘histopathological data’). These studies are protected by confidentiality agreements between corporation & organisation. These corporate funded studies aren’t published in journals for peer review.
  9. ONLY studies by pesticide corporations end up making the critical studies that declare our safety (the ones that give ‘NOAEL’s’) – Independent studies usually aren’t used.
  10. The 3 major agencies constantly make excuses to keep independent studies out of their glyphosate/Roundup assessments. When independent science declares these same studies credible.
  11. 2 studies with tubular kidney dilation at the same level or lower than the USA permit as residue on wheat are dismissed following a study at a higher glyphosate dose level.  Why?
  12. The glyphosate study that set the Europe ADI dismissed problems at the same level it said was safe.
  13. The study that set the WHO ADI dismissed problems at exactly the same level it said was safe.
  14. In Europe the chemical companies control what studies are put forward for assessing the toxicity of glyphosate/Roundup.  The same companies that have a vested interest in showing low levels of exposure as being safe.
  15. Independent studies indicate glyphosate/Roundup is an endocrine disruptor and potential xenohormone (xenohormones can contribute to breast cancer). References: [a] [b] [c] [d]
  16. Independent studies indicate 2,4-D (the latest pesticide that can be sprayed on GMO products) may contribute towards Parkinsons disease and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
  17. In field studies for pesticide related disease in farm workers, results read as ‘inconclusive’ due to the presence of too many pesticides.  However it is almost impossible to finance further work for further testing (including testing for cumulative effects).
  18. GMO products have stacked traits.  You can combine Roundup  2,4-D Ready & glufosinate ‘stacked’ on the same plant. These have never been cumulatively tested for safety.
  19. There is no cumulative testing for Roundup with other pesticides in the USA.  It is excluded because it has a different ‘mechanism of toxicity’ –  effects (Eg. Neurotoxicity) are not considered.
  20. The pesticides used in GMO stacked traits have never been tested together (cumulative testing). There is no study held with the EPA, WHO or EU that has even tried to do this.
  21. The 3 agencies constantly make excuses about problems with the endocrine system by (for example) declaring the dose doesn’t correspond with the response.  The endocrine system is very sensitive and acts differently.
  22. The USA does not test glyphosate/Roundup levels on food  before food is bought at the shops to take home.
  23. Europe is only testing residue levels of glyphosate on cereals. Europe is not testing on other produce.
  24. The studies all held with the EPA, WHO and Europe all show malformations and major problems at the same level that we feed glyphosate (as a residue on stockfeed) to our farm animals.
  25. The USA does not know what its current level of glyphosate exposure is according to the diet of lower socio-economic Americans.
  26. There is no allowance for the more vulnerable needs of developing children.  All the tolerances are based on a 60kg adult.
  27. No study of sperm at current levels of consumption are kept with these organisations.
  28. It was found that the offspring of mothers dosed with glyphosate have lower sperm levels.
  29. No study of sperm is tested using the full formula Roundup.
  30. There has never been further tests with Roundup and the thyroid gland.  All tests (available on the sites) with glyphosate and the thyroid gland showed tumour growth.


NOTE: While I have focussed on Roundup & 2,4-D – the system can, most likely, be applied to all pesticides.  They tend to follow the same research protocols.

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