Years of research in Hilo and Manoa has revealed shocking secret facts about the people who are paid to run the Manoa Astronomy department for the illegal state of Hawaii.

We received this anonymously and pass it on with no warranties… Ain’t The Web Great!


Is it true that? 1:
Is it true that: UH Manoa Director of UH Astronomy Gunter Hasenger makes $300,000.00 a year for his main work to build TMT?  And what does he do with his 5 Million dollar budget? Who gets paid from that budget? Is TMT his reason for being in Hawaii? University of Hawaii Executive Management Salaries
Is it true that: Instead of hiring locally HI taxpayers paid all of the lawyers bills to get this German Director his US citizenship so he could move here to build TMT?  Has he ever hired a Hawaiian ever?
Is it true that:  Manoa Associate Director of Astronomy Roberto Mclaren makes $220,000 a year salary and his main work is supporting TMT?

Is it true that? 2:

Is it true that: UH Manoa Astronomy Department is actually receiving military money for some telescopes? (Like $80 million dollar for the panstar telescope)
Is it true that: ALL “panstar” telescope pictures actually goes to a “Top Secret” Classified Department of defense facility?(wow)
Is it true that: UH Manoa Astronomy Department assistent Director Michael Mabary, a person in the news and at big telescope deal meetings, is not really an astronomer? Is it true he really works at a major classified Air Force facility? Auwe!
Is it true that: Mabary works with House Speaker Suki and the US military?
Why do our state taxes support Mr. Mabary and his work at a US military facility through Manoa Astronomy? What is the real backroom deal? Should the people of the illegal state of HI allow this?
Did the UH president Lassner previously run this very same major top secret classified military facility?
Did House Speaker Souki and Governor Ige recently send UH Manoa Astronomy Director Hasenger $3 Million dollars for a telescope on Mauna a Wakea?
Why Does Manoa Astronomy Director Hasenger’s budget pay for Director Mabery’s salary when he works at a military facility?
Why does a state funded UH Manoa Astronomy department support Military projects on stolen lands and pay its directors to work at and to develop military facilities?  Is this what we pay state taxes for? Auwe!

Is it true that? 3:

Is it true what civil beat claims: Director of Manoa Astronomy Administration Karen Ehrhorn lied to get her job and is not really a certified CPA but is still being paid $150,000 a year by Director Hasenger to sit at home and keep quiet? link UH Exec Who Allegedly Lied About Accounting Credential Still on Job – Civil Beat
Is it true what civil beat claims: Director of IFA Administration Ehrhorn has been unlicensed for decades and is still today on UH Manoa Hasengers payroll at $150,000 and “works” at home for Astronomy director Hasenger? Why is she protected by Hasenger and what secrets does she know about TMT?
Is it true that: Manoa faculty repeatedly ask for budget details and are refused information because UH budgets are a dirty secret known only to Directors?

Is it true that? 4:

Is it true that: The Canadian Military is involved in TMT?
Is it also true that the Canadians are building the “Special” enclosure for the TMT?
Is it true that: Several global nuclear superpowers that are TPP treaty signers are donating hundreds of millions of dollars to TMT?Why? Is this a coincidence?

The UH Regents and or president can SHUT THIS DOWN: The affairs of the University of Hawai‘i fall under the general management and control of the Board of Regents, pursuant to Article X, Hawai‘i State Constitution, and Chapter 304A, Hawai‘i Revised Statutes. The board formulates policy and exercises control over the university through its executive officer, the university president (Lassner)


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