Tell the Senate to Vote NO on the Fast Track, Monsanto’s Secret Trade Deal

SENATE VOTE IS TAKING PLACE TONIGHT: We need your help TODAY to stop the Fast Track on Monsanto’s secret trade deal. The Senate is expected to vote this afternoon!

Last week, a 65 to 33 cloture vote in the Senate ended debate on the TPP Fast Track, Monsanto’s Secret Trade Deal, and the final vote is expected later this evening. We need your help to stop it!

Right now the White House is working behind closed doors with 600 corporate lobbyists in Congress, furiously trying to close the deal on the TPP – a massive trade deal so secret that most members of Congress have never even been allowed to read the details of the agreement. If allowed to pass, the TPP could outlaw GMO labeling and even county bans on GMOs and Monsanto’s toxic cancer-causing products.

While no version of the Fast Track of the trade agreement has been released to the public, language in the recently passed Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015, which authorizes the Fast Track declares that GMO labeling is an “unjustified trade restriction”!

This is an outrage! Just as we are on the verge of winning GMO labeling in the US, these secret negotiations could eliminate the ability of countries around the world to label GMOs or impose common sense restrictions on the sale of genetically engineered seed and food in their countries if Monsanto and other biotech companies get their way.

Demand an end to secret trade deals! Stop the fast track of the TPP. Stand with Food Democracy Now! – stop Monsanto’s secret trade deal before it’s too late! 

Your Senators need to hear from you in the next 24 hours. If you can’t reach your Senators by entering your information below, please call the Congressional switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Make the Call!

Representative Tulsi Gabbard:
(202) 225-4906
Senator Brian Schatz:
(202) 224-3934
Senator Mazie Hirono:
(202) 224-6361

Call and say:

“Hi, my name is _______ from _________ (city and/or state) I’m calling to ask Senator/ Representative _______ to vote No on the Fast Track of the TPP trade deal.,

The rules of democracy should not be rewritten behind closed doors!

I’m alarmed by the effort to Fast Track the secret trade agreement for the TPP through Congress, which not only undermines Congress’ constitutional authority over trade, but will allow corporate lobbyists to erode our basic democratic rights without a proper public debate.

Please make these negotiations public and allow participation in an open and transparent manner.

I’m also alarmed that the recently passed Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 declares that labeling genetically engineered foods is a “unjustified trade restriction”. This is an outrage.

As your constituent, I believe it’s important that Senator / Representative _______ supports more oversight of the agricultural biotech industry, not less. It’s important to me and my family what we eat everyday, and biotech lobbyists shouldn’t be allowed to circumvent labeling of genetically engineered crops.

Thank you.”

Please remember to thank the staff person answering the phone and Senator / Representative _____ telling them that you support openness and transparency in food labeling and government.

Report Back!

Who did you call?

Tell us how your call to Congress went.

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  1. Very disappointed with POTUS Barack Obama and it is the very reason I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. Instead, we will be voting for Bernie Sanders because like the Iraq war he is not supporting TPP. Bernie listens to the American people.

  2. To our Senators from Hawaii, We do not not support fast track and Monsantoʻs secret trade deal. We the People are hoping our Senators are listening.


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