Hawaii Dept. of Ag Doesn’t Know How Many Schools Are Exposed to Pesticide Drift, A Measure of Little They Care.

HB 1514 would have established buffer zones for schools and disclosure of the pesticides used near them.

Our hope was that we could stop kids from getting sick from pesticide drift from bordering fields or at least know what they are exposed to so Doctors know how to treat them.

Scott Enright, Chairperson for the Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture, embarrasses himself and the Dep of Ag when asked during hearings: “How many schools are within distance of any of these farms? Do you have any idea?”  Scott answered:  “I don’t. We haven’t done that research. We don’t have that number.”

This is an issue that has been going on now for years. Does anyone need any more proof that the DOA does not take this matter seriously. Really? They don’t know how many schools and farms are effected? That the DOA hasn’t bothered to do it’s homework is a measure of how confident they are that the FIX IS IN and no limitations on Big Ag will ever be put in place.

The people, especially the children of Hawaii, deserve better public servants than these arrogant corporate shills.

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